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Grow Your Creative Business with Julie’s Wreath Boutique


Are you struggling with starting your creative business? Are you out of creative ways to bring income in? Are you wanting to know how to work social media to translate into sales?

I have been working in the creative wreath designing industry for 5 years now  with over 9.000 sales in my Etsy shop and I went from struggling to know what to make, to generating a full time income doing what I love, creating beautiful things. The biggest question I hear is, how do I get started? How do I sell consistently? How do I get found on my Etsy? How do I ship? How do I get more response from my Facebook Business page?

Are you looking for some help, direction, a how to get started now and not waiting for monthly groups to learn the next step? I’m offering a one on one consultation, I look at your social media platforms, review your Etsy shop and then call you for a one on one time to answer your questions and to put a business plan in place. You will then take a month to work consistently on the strategies that we discuss. At the end of that period we will have another one on one phone call to assess where you are in your business.

My goal is to help others make it possible to do what they love, for stay at home moms a chance to help their families income and still be able to be at home. To help those who would love to be able to get out of the daily grind of a job and into the ability to do what they love. To help those who need help with understanding Etsy and not be intimidated or overwhelmed. If I can be of help to you, I would love to be apart of your creative business journey.

Please understand due to my own business I will only be accepting a limited number of clients a month.

Creative jump start to your creative business.

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