Welcome to Julie’s Wreath Boutique, you are looking at a one of a kind Dahlia inspired wreath. This wreath is made from poly burlap and is a statement piece for any home and front door. This is an original design of Julie’s Wreath Boutique and can be made in the colors of your choice that are available in the poly burlap. Each petal is handmade and crafted to create this unique design. Poly burlap is a great weather durable product that will be okay if it gets wet, I do spray my wreaths with an UV resistant spray to help protect against fading.

This wreath measures out to about 25″ in diameter, made from poly burlap and a hook is made on the back to hang it. This is a unique gift for friends and family. Feel free to contact me to customize your wreath today.

Shipping: $15 and will ship within 2-3 weeks after purchase.