Creators Crafting with Julie and Michelle // One Payment Option


Thank you for looking into Creators Class With Julie and Michelle. This will be an exclusive online private Facebook group that will take place the week of September 16th – November 1st. We each will host 3 lives each demonstrating a new craft only to this group, for a total of 6 Facebook lives, and we both will do the last live together for a 7th project.

Michelle will also be sharing with you how to make your own custom boxes video as an added bonus of joining this special group.  The group will stay open after the time period for you all to view the Lives for as long as you want, no techniques or instructions can be shared outside of the group. All supply lists will be in the group and the group will be open on Monday August 20th.

The Classes will be:

Fall lighted Tree

Owl Wreath

Fall Topiary

Christmas Santa Wreath

Poinsettia Deco Mesh Flower Wreath

Lighted Snowman Tree

The 7th Live will be announced by the end of September

We are offering a two payment plan but the listing you are looking at is for a one time payment of $59.99. You will be able to join the group by using the links on both or

Only those who have purchased in full, will be added to the group. 


Thank you for decied