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Have you ever had a “Happy Accident”, that lightbulb moment, when you were working on a project and realized: “I figured it out!” Well this is exactly how this wreath came together. Normally I use products from online crafting retailers (I’m not sure why some of the premium products only come from online resources, but for now they do), and I am obsessed with the Buffalo Check craze. Seriously. Obsessed. So when Hobby Lobby came out with their 5.5” rolls of Buffalo Check burlap, I had to have it. Even if I didn’t know what to do with it yet. I brought it home, and there it sat. I couldn’t come up with a way to use it so that I wouldn’t waste a single inch of this glorious burlap (I told you all I was obsessed, remember?).

Well, I had made a live video of how to use some mesh to make a wreath, and in the video I had cut the ribbon at an angle for the accent pieces. Afterwards I realized if I just cut the Buffalo Check burlap at an angle, it would be the perfect shape to make a petal! I was pretty excited about this because I would finally get to use my Buffalo Check, and it also gave my viewers the chance to go to places like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, or their local craft store to purchase it too.

I created a video tutorial with instructions for this wreath, but something very personal and life-changing took place beforehand that makes this particular tutorial and wreath extra special to me. In June of 2019 I had surgery to repair a significant hearing deficit in my right ear. I want to explain this because in the video (I have included a link at the end) you will notice I am speaking quite softly. What was unknown to me, someone who had dealt with a severe hearing loss for nearly 20 years, is that when I spoke I felt like I was too loud so I would use quiet tones and my viewers struggled to hear me. Most of my viewers were gracious, and a few weren’t so much. But this is one of the reasons why it was so special to me, it was the moment I realized that I had been missing out on the possibilities of what could be and how blessed I was to be able to hear again.

So back to the wreath! Here are your materials needed and the step-by-step instructions, including some video guides to help along the way. 


  • 1 – 10” Wire Wreath Frame (a 12” frame will require an extra roll of burlap)
  • 2 – Rolls of the Hobby Lobby White and Black Buffalo Check Burlap 5.5”x15’
  • Plastic Canvas, 5 Mesh


** Begin with cutting the burlap first, this is key and probably the most important step. **

  1. Starting at an angle, make the first cut from the bottom and at an angle go two inches in. If the burlap is starting at the 2” mark on your cutting mat, then cut at an angle and end at the 4” line on the mat. For the next cut, keep the starting point at the 2” mark, go to the 8” mark on your mat and cut at an angle so it ends on the 10” mark. That is your perfect cut for this petal. Watch this quick video for help and a shortcut:
  1. Repeat Step 2 for all the petals, creating a total of (how many?) 
  2. Once all of the burlap is cut, then you are ready to assemble the wreath. You will add the first layer of petals to the second bar of the frame. Take the short end of a petal and cinch it to the opposite side of the burlap at an angle. Then pinch the bottom and attach it to the frame. Repeat until you have at least 10 petals around a 10” wire wreath frame. 
  3. Move down to the third bar and repeat step four, attaching 10 more petals all around the frame.
  4. Move down to the fourth bar and repeat step four, attaching 10 more petals all around the frame.
  5. For the center of the wreath, it is a little tricky so watch this video explanation: https://youtu.be/JgzmtKOmsMI

You are done! I hope you enjoy this Buffalo Check Wreath as much as I do, but chances are I still love this pattern more than anyone. If you would like to try this wreath technique and add a cute sign in the middle using a Dollar Tree Wreath frame, make sure to check out this video and see my love for all things Buffalo Check. https://youtu.be/97lb6_JFF-w

Buffalo Check