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Make a Wreath With a Dollar Tree Frame

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Tutorials

Are you having a hard time finding a wreath frame these days? Well I have a pretty easy and inexpensive solution for you, Dollar Tree tinsel wreath frames. Dollar Tree offers these frame for our Patriotic and Halloween holidays. You can even purchase them by the case and stock up for the year. I find them a little over the 10″ mark but you can make these frames work with almost all of my Flower designs on YouTube In this video I will show you a new “to me” petal technique that will have you looking like a wreath making pro!

There are endless possibilities with this style of wreath, from a rainbow style to use up that little bit of mesh left on the roll that you can’t possibly part with because you know you might need it, to combining different textures of mesh to give it a different look altogether. Then lastly, add your favorite center and you will have a beautiful wreath for any season.


  1. Linda


    • Beth


  2. Sandy


  3. Heidi

    Star! I love this thank you

  4. Doris

    I have been looking for the tinsel frame. I have checked all my dollar tree stores close to me. I love the 10 inch frames. You have spoiled me on those frames. They are difficult to find. Hobby lobby has the 16 inch tinsel frame. Would that be too big? I love all your tutorials!

  5. Chef Jan Heizer

    Hello Ms. Julie,
    My name is Chef Jan…. I have been following you for a while now.. and to be honest, I know I should not envy, so maybe I should use the word “admire” your God-given talents.

    Not only am I a Certified Master Pastry Chef, but I am also a ministry leader… Since moving to Kansas, the “pastry” part of my career has come to a screeching halt. I know no one… and then a year after we moved here, the pandemic hit…. so… that even prompted me to “retire” from creating with sugar, which absolutely tore my heart out… that’s all I knew for 40+ years.

    I have a super close friend, Susie Brown, who has encouraged me to get into making wreaths, and she has graciously provided me with products to start, but I never felt ready…

    I’ve been watching your tutorials and have felt a kinship with you as I listen and watch you create such magnificent pieces of art.

    As I mentioned, I am also a ministry leader, and unless you’ve been in that position, you wouldn’t understand the amount of money that is mandatory to put into running a ministry so that has kindof left me in a financial bind, but oh the rewards of being able to pray and counsel with folks… that is an honor that money cannot purchase.

    So, I said all that to ask you…. since I have ZERO experience, other than watching your tutorials… and money is super tight…. which wreath of yours would be the best for a rookie to begin with? I know me well enough to know if my first try is a flop, then I’d probably throw in the towel for a while… I’m OCD also… so I need something that will kick start me towards attempting to create something beautiful with fiber instead of sugar….

    Again, thank you for allowing God to use you the way in which He has. You are a vessel for Him whether you know it or not because there are many folks, as I’ve found out in the ministry, that are like me… riddled with anxiety… and you bring them, like me, peace… and that only comes through God…

    God bless you,
    Chef Jan

    • Julie Oxendine

      Hi Chef Jan,
      Thanks so much for watching and I’m happy to be a help to you in such a difficult time as we find ourselves in 2021. If it makes a difference for you to know…I do understand ministry. I grew up in a pastor’s home, eventually married a pastor and we served in various ministries for about 15 years so I understand the struggles. It sounds like you’re a very creative person so I would suggest a simple sunflower wreath to get started, this one to be specific:
      Keep creating even if it’s a different way than you’re used to.

  6. Alice

    Hi Julie

  7. Jolene A Zdebski

    Exquisite, I hope I spelled this right. Loved the patriotic wreath, it’s awesome.

  8. Kathie A Murr

    I’d like to know about what wood burning gun you use to cut the mesh with and what temperature setting do you use.

  9. Pam Buckner

    Love this STAR wreath! First time I’ve watched your channel, will be back for more. 🙂


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