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Okay I have needed to make this post for a while now because I get asked for this information quite a bit and I owe you all some answers! It’s no secret that I use quite an array of tools and over the years I have seen which ones are worth the investment, and which ones most definitely aren’t. I know how frustrating it can be to buy a new gadget only to have it break the first time! Nope. Not in this economy. So, let’s walk through my list of top ten faves, starting off with number ten. I will post a picture and a shoppable link for each item!

10. Fiskars Rotary Mat

In 99.9999% of my video tutorials, you will see me using this mat. And for good reason! I love it for two reasons: it protects my work surface and provides measurements for me. Find it here: Fiskars Rotary Mat

9. Pliers Power Cut Cutting Tool

These bad boys are the Mac Daddy for all your heavy duty cutting needs. I’m serious. These aren’t your daily cutters, this is something you bring out when you have a lot of mesh to cut through or any other tough job. Be forewarned: these are incredibly sharp and must be handled with care! Find it here: Power Cutting Tool

8. Titan Tools Wire Cutter

My husband bought these off Amazon for me about seven years ago and I haven’t wanted any other brand since. These are the real deal. I cut can a wire wreath frame, which is incredibly heavy duty, and they make short work of clipping flower stems. I can’t recommend these enough! Find it here: Titan Tools

7. Glass Cutting Board

I know. You’re thinking, “It’s a cutting board. So what? I have twenty in my cabinet already.” When you read number 6 down below you’ll understand why I recommend this glass cutting board. Find it here: Glass Cutting Board

6. Wood Burner

This is why you need number seven! When using a wood burner, you need that glass work surface underneath. Okay so why a wood burner? It was a true game-changer for me when cutting through poly burlap and deco mesh; it cuts down the amount of fraying dramatically and it also gives your wreath a much more polished look. My friend Michelle Noble of A Noble Touch first introduced this technique to the crafting world and it is by far one of the best methods. Find it here: Wood Burner

5. Pink Staple Gun

If you’re wondering if I chose this particular staple gun based solely on the fact that it was pink… you would be right. But honestly it’s the best pink purchase I’ve ever made. Not only does it staple through some tough jobs, but you can also load it with nails! It’s so versatile for both craft and home improvement projects, I use it all the time and it is probably the tool I am asked about most. Find it here: Staple Gun

4. Premium Tailor Scissors

These are THE BOMB when it comes to scissors. Can we get excited about scissors? Yes we can! In one of my YouTube videos I asked for everyone to share their favorite pair of scissors and this pair was suggested by so many people that of course I had to see for myself. THEY WERE RIGHT. They can easily cut through 6 layers of wired ribbon with no problem, so I will continue marching forward with this brand into eternity. Find it here: Livingo Premium Scissors

3. Surebonder Cordless Glue Gun

You read that right: Cordless. How many times have you been mid-project only to see that your glue gun won’t reach?? You can use it both ways though, either corded or cordless. I love this glue gun and I am not ashamed to admit it. Find it here: Surebonder Glue Gun

2. Surebonder Glue Skillet

Like it’s cousin the cordless glue gun, this has changed my crafting game and is definitely worth the investment. When making floral grapevine wreaths this skillet really shines! Just a word to the wise that this glue gets *very* hot and you must handle with care and make sure to keep it out of reach of little ones. Find it here: Surebonder Glue Skillet, and don’t forget the glue: Skillet Glue Pellets

1. Prow-Bow the Hand

Stop making bows the hard way. Let me say it again for those in back: Stop. Making. Bows. The. Hard. Way. Pro-Bow the Hand products are my absolute favorites and I frequently teach how to use them on my Amazon Channel. They are quality, durable, American-made, and will up your wreath game like no other. Each product is thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. Check out their four amazing tools:

There you have it! My top ten. I hope this was helpful and you found something that you think will improve your crafting. I know that I use them all the time and am so grateful that tools like these exist. Let me know if you have questions about any other tools/materials that you see me use! Happy crafting everyone.