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Happy Thanksgiving! Is it just me, or is this year just absolutely flying by? I’m telling ya, I can’t keep up with the days anymore. I know that with all our schedules, making time for shopping is sometimes overwhelming. Online shopping is just the way to go these days, and if I’m being honest, I love it. Stay home, stay comfy and warm, and get all your gifts delivered! So what I wanted to do for you all was compile a list of some deals and some of my faves to help guide you in your hunt for the perfect gift. If there isn’t something on here that you like, head over to my Amazon Shop where there are plenty of other options that are sure to please someone! There are so many products out there and sometimes it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. So get a mug of your favorite seasonal drink, a cozy blanket, set the music, and get to shopping!

Acacia Accents Soy Candles

Okay you guys. These candles are AMAZING. They are pure soy, hand-poured, put out a lot of fragrance, and have a lot of burn time. The best part though is that they are made by a friend of mine and she really knows her stuff. This scent is one of my favorites, but she has plenty of other scents too. Get it here.

K-Mini Keurig

How CUTE is this mini Keurig?? And how much cuter is the fact that it is currently on major sale, as in it’s 50% off. What a great gift this would make for anyone! For the office, bedroom, guest room, RV, and more. (And maybe buy an extra one for yourself while you’re at it?) Get it here.

Ninja Foodi

This Air Fryer is not just your mother’s air fryer. It does everything. It is all things to all people. Roast, broil, fry, dehydrate, and more! Meal stress is gone. Also financial stress is gone because this miracle maker is on sale right now! Get it here.

Blackstone Gas Grill

Okay I know it’s not currently grilling season in most of the country, but it will be at some point (unless you are blessed to live in an area where it’s grilling season year-round…). This gas grill is on sale right now and is the perfect companion for camping, RV-ing, or small patios! How cool that it even has a flat top griddle and cutting board right? Get it here.

Pickup Took Kit

Dropped tools, screws, or anything small and metal is becoming a real issue for me. Anyone else? Those suckers sometimes just jump straight out of my hand, I’m sure of it. So this neat set eliminates the up and down, up and down, up and down… And it’s 50% off so it would make a great gift or stocking stuffer! Get it here.

Outdoor Planters

Time to get ready for spring! Okay maybe not yet, but you might as well snag these beautiful outdoor planters for the gardener in your life because they are also 50% off!! What a deal. These are a great size too for your driveway, patio, garden, poolside, or anywhere. Get them here.

GlowCity Basketball

How many of you know a kid who would love to have a glowing basketball? I just think that this is so neat and such a fun idea for kids! Plus in the winter with the darker evenings this makes it a lot easier for them to see what they’re doing or find the ball if it rolls off somewhere. Get it here.

Bow Maker

You all know me and my love for bows. This is absolutely a must-have for any crafter in your life. It just is one of those things that makes life easier and makes you think, “Why didn’t I get this a hundred years ago???” You get what I mean. Get it here.

I have to include a Surebonder glue gun! This cordless version is just amazing and so convenient, I love it. I have multiple glue guns and this is easily one of my favorites. Glue guns are so handy to have for a variety of tasks, not just crafting! But of course your crafters will absolutely love it as well. Get it here.

If you have watched my reels and seen me make coffees, you have seen this product! I LOVE it. It is my favorite milk frother, it just works so good!! And it is on a great sale right now too, so snag several for the coffee lovers that you know, they will thank you for it! Get it here.