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How to Make the Perfect Spring Wreath with Hobby Lobby and Julie’s Wreath Boutique

by | May 8, 2023 | hobby lobby

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hooray for May! It felt like winter had no plans on stopping here in Michigan (and some days it still feels that way… come on sun!!). To help chase the last of the winter blues away, we have two fun and beautiful projects to work on today. Hobby Lobby is stocked to the hilt with all the beauty of spring you could want, and you can grab their florals, ribbons, mesh, and more for 40% off online or in stores. I highly encourage an in-person visit when you get the chance though because that is how I find so many treasures! Walk through the aisles and see what catches your eye and brings inspiration, you don’t need to stay within the crafting area. Some of the pieces for one of today’s projects came about from just that! Beads from the wood section in back and cute bumble bees from an endcap display. So now let’s talk about these projects: two very different styles and each one can be customized to your personal preference and color palette. The first one exudes notes of elegance and romance, while the second is casual and fun! Listed below are the supplies for each project and their directions, but of course don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel where I have a full step-by-step video tutorial!

Gold Bead Wreath


14″ Wood Bead Wreath:…

10″ Wood Bead Wreath:…

Floral Foam:…

Florals Used in this Project:

22″ Gauge Wire:…

Spray Paint:…


Note: You will need to allow time in step one for the spray paint to dry.

1. First let’s grab the two wooden bead wreaths and we’re going to give them a couple coats of the metallic gold spray paint (you can also leave them unfinished if you prefer the natural look!). Spray one side on both wreaths, let them dry for about 15-20 minutes, then spray the other side and let them dry for 15-20 minutes again. Repeat the process so that each side has two coats.

2. Next we will secure the smaller hoop to the larger one. If you know me, you know I always have wire on hand! So, lay your beaded wreaths flat on your work surface with the smaller one inside the larger one. Place the bottom of the smaller hoop against the inside bottom of the larger hoop and we will secure it in place first by wrapping wire around both hoops. (Wrap the wire in between the beads, not on the beads.) Once it is nice and tight and doesn’t wiggle, place some dots of hot glue all along the wired area.

3. Now we’re going to secure the half sphere floral foam ball to the bottom center of the wreath. (When we end up hanging the wreath, the floral foam will be off-centered so keep that in mind!) Take a wire and poke both ends through the foam so that they stick out the back, we’ll use those ends to secure the foam to the beads. Where the wire bends at the top of the ball, leave a gap between the wire and foam and put a generous amount of hot glue in that space because it will prevent the wire from pulling through the foam. Also squeeze a generous amount of hot glue on the backside of the foam where it will be on the beads and set it in place. Flip the bead frame over and twist the wire ends tightly to secure the foam, then let it set for a couple minutes to dry.

4. Greenery time! Take your greens and clip off the stems; we’re going to arrange them in a sort of sunburst pattern around the floral foam. Put hot glue on the end of the stem and poke it into the foam ball, and repeat with the remaining stems.

5. Next up are flowers! Similar to what we did with the greenery, clip off the stems of the flowers, put hot glue on the end, and insert it into the foam ball. You can even save the leaves of the flowers as separate pieces to really maximize every part. At this point you can really decide for yourself how full you want the wreath to be. Start with your larger flowers, then fill in spaces with your smaller ones until you think it’s done! (Tip: You can “pre-drill” holes in the foam with some scissors if you find it difficult to push the stems in.)

Bumble Bee Wreath


12″ Wreath Frame:…

2 Rolls of Black & White Burlap:…


Bumblebee Sign:…


8″ Zip Ties:…

Black Pipe Cleaners:…

Optional – Jute:…


1. Place the wire wreath frame flat in front of you; notice how there are 4 rings? We’re going to construct this wreath from the inside out if you will. The inner two rings are where we are going to start, then we’ll move to the outer two rings. So grab your burlap and unroll a few feet. We will gather and pinch every 10” and secure it to the inner two rings with zip ties. We want to create “bubbles” of burlap fitted in tightly next to each other. On this 12” frame it works out to be about 4 bubbles per section once it’s done. So start by pinching the beginning of the burlap, wrap a zip tie around the two inner rings and cinch in the burlap end. Then move down the fabric 10”, gather and pinch, and secure it to the inner two rings in the same manner. Continue this process until you have gone all the way around the frame.

2. Once you have completed the inner two rings, it’s time to do the same method to the outer two rings. It worked out that I used one roll of burlap for the inner layer, and the second roll for the outer layer. Do the same process as before, except this time you will be securing your burlap bubbles to the outer two rings instead. Repeat the process until you have covered the entire frame, then you can go around and try to fluff out the bubbles so it is nice and full.

3. Prepare the bees! We want to attach wire or pipe cleaners to each bee so that we can secure them to the wreath, so you can either hot glue the pipe cleaners or even use a staple gun if you have it. However you do it, attach the pipe cleaner or wire to the belly side of the bee, then set them aside to set.

4. Grab the bumble bee sign and we will do something very similar and flip it over to attach pipe cleaners or wires to it so that we can then attach it to the wreath. Use a staple gun or hot glue to secure the middle of the pipe cleaner to the back sides of the sign and let it set for a minute. Then set the sign on the wreath where you’d like it, I put mine on the lower right side so that I could then place a bow on the upper left. When you have it where you want, feed the pipe cleaner ends through the burlap bubbles all the way to the back of the wreath. Then you can flip the whole wreath over and twist the pipe cleaner ends tightly to secure them.

5. Now take the bees and attach them in the same way as the sign. Place them where you want, I liked mine tucked in amongst the folds a little bit. Feed the pipe cleaner ends through the burlap and twist them in back to secure.

6. Let’s make a zip tie bow! It’s very simple, every measurement will be 10” long. So we’ll make the first bowtail, four bow loops, then the last bowtail. Each piece measures 10”! Unroll the ribbon, pinch at the 10” mark and that’s your first bowtail; with your other hand move down 10” and pinch the ribbon. Move the first pinch to your second hand so you’re holding both in one hand and now you have your first loop and your bowtail. Now create three more loops by pinching at 10” intervals, and finish off by cutting your last tail 10” after the fourth loop. By the end you will be holding all the loops in one hand and with your other hand you can grab a zip tie, wrap it around the middle and cinch it closed. 

7. Take the second ribbon and make another bow, but this time each measurement will be 9” and make five loops instead of four. When you are finished, secure it on top of the first bow with a zip tie, then wrap a pipe cleaner or wire around the bow and twist it in back so we can use it to attach it to the wreath. If you have any extra jute cord around, this would be a great chance to use some of it by wrapping it around the bow center to hide the zip tie. Lastly for the bow is to trim the tails! I kept them pretty short so they wouldn’t cover the sign or cute bees.

8. To attach the bow, we’re simply going to weave the pipe cleaner or wire ends through the fabric, out the back, and twist to secure. Don’t twist too hard because we don’t want to flatten or sink the bow. I find the best placement for the bow is where we started our burlap because there always tends to be a small gap wherever the wreath begins. And with that, we are done!

These two spring wreaths are so unique and different, I hope one or both of them bring you inspiration and cheer! Thanks so much to Hobby Lobby for sponsoring these projects. As always they were a blast to make and I hope you enjoy them as well. Don’t forget to watch the full step-by-step tutorial and then head to Hobby Lobby online or in person to get your own supplies.


  1. Dianne Giltner

    I love how you show and explain how to make all of your wreaths. It is so helpful to have your video and your written step by step tutorial. Thanks for all of your instructions and illustrations. I am enjoying trying different types of wreaths. Thanks so much!!


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