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Whimsical: playful, quaint, fanciful. Those words encapture this project perfectly! I have the sweetest wreath here that will bring a fun and delicate breath of fresh air to your home or front door. Imagine a lush forest dripping with mystery and heavy floral tones, waiting to be explored with books and tea. Fairies, ferns, and flowers! What else could you need? I loved bringing all those elements into this piece and it was easy to grab the supplies from Hobby Lobby as I walked up and down the aisles in each department. I have written down all the instructions for you down below, but as always be sure to also watch the full video tutorial on my YouTube channel to see how it all comes together!




1.First let’s prepare the fairy swing* so that it can all dry and set. Cut the rope off the sign and then drill holes in the remaining two corners (lightly sand around the holes if needed). Paint the wood and let it dry. Take your jute string and feed it up through two holes on one end, and then a separate piece of jute will go through two holes on the other end; now we have the rope swings for our fairy! Using a combination of E6000 and hot glue, apply both of them to the bottom of the fairy and place her centered on the wood.

2. Now let’s get our mushrooms ready. They are cute in the red and white, but to match the aesthetic of the wreath, let’s paint them. Scuff up the mushroom tops lightly with your sanding block or paper and then put a couple coats of paint on them. While the 2nd paint layer is still tacky, dust them with glitter!

3. In order to achieve the crescent shape of this wreath, we’re going to give it a trim. Cut through the branches in one spot to open up the shape, then remove a section of about 9” of the wreath. Using your wire cutters, trim the branches on each end of the wreath to different lengths to create a tapered effect. Take some floral wire and wrap it tightly around each end to hold the branches together. (Pro tip: After all the moss is glued on, flip the whole thing over and tap the back side of the wreath to shake off all the loose bits.)

4. Now that all the prep work is done, let’s get on with the fun part! We’re going to lay down moss as the base layer, and I chose two different colors to give it depth and interest. All you need is hot glue for this part, it’s very simple. Apply glue to a small area and press on the moss, then move onto the next area until the whole wreath is covered. Use your own discretion here with how much moss coverage you want!

5. We’re going to add the greenery branches at the bottom and you’ll want to lay them so the branches point outward to the left and right with the stems pointing towards each other. Just add hot glue to the ends of the branches and tuck them into the grapevine base. Use as many as you like but the idea is to add the bulk of them at the bottom of the wreath with just a few working up the wreath about halfway.

6. Take the fields daisy spray and clip off the flowers and leaves. These dainty flowers are going to be placed all over the wreath (not just the bottom) by applying hot glue to the stems and tucking them into the grapevine base. Repeat this process for the leaves as well. I like to add these leaves because they bring color and texture variety!

7. Let’s add the mushrooms and fairy swing! Because the mushrooms are fragile, be sure to use a combination of E6000 and hot glue to make sure they don’t go anywhere. I even wrapped a chenille stem around a few of them for added precaution. Now for the swing, it isn’t difficult to attach but it does take patience! Using the twine rope swings, you’re going to tie them over the top of the wreath so that the swing hangs down into the middle. It takes a bit to get the swing in the correct position and keep it level, but once you’re happy with where you have it, tie knots on either side so that the swing stays. Then flip the whole wreath over and secure the twine to the grapevine base with a couple of zip ties on each side of the swing. Be sure to trim your rope and zip tie ends!

8. Lastly we have the most adorable whimsical touches to add. Butterflies and flowers! I found these in the scrapbooking section and they were screaming to me to be added onto the wreath. Place them wherever you want with just a dab of hot glue! 

*Optional alternative to the fairy swing: At the end of my video tutorial I show you a different option than the swing. I found a beautiful arched bridge that you could place on the inside bottom of the wreath and place a standing fairy on the bridge. Either option is beautiful!

This wreath is just one of my favorites and it captures every little girl’s dreams doesn’t it? The delicate details really put it over the top. I was so excited to put this together after finding so many inspiring pieces at Hobby Lobby! I hope you all get a chance to make this for yourself or someone you know, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it. Happy spring everyone!

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