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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today we are making a multipurpose wedding wreath! It can be used as beautiful wedding decor AND home decor. All the supplies used in this project are found at Hobby Lobby in the wedding aisle. Did you know there are some great crafting products there? I frequently make it a point to check their wedding aisle for supplies… Yes, I have been married for over 28 years and still love looking down the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby. There is an amazing collection of products and I especially love when they have their 50% off sale. 

Now, do you struggle with knowing what florals and greenery go together? If so, buy one of their pre-arranged floral bouquets and simply deconstruct it. That is where I started with this project! They have a great variety of colors and flowers and take the guesswork out of it. I also picked up extra greenery from the do-it-yourself corsage and boutonniere section because they make excellent space fillers in this wreath or any floral project you have. 

With the gorgeous bridal bouquet I chose, I decided on eucalyptus and lamb’s ear from the boutonniere section as the extra filler greenery. They are both a very popular choice because of their versatility with any floral decor. Next item on the list was bling. I am all about the bling when it comes to weddings! I went with pearls because I just loved the elegance it added to the wreath. (See below for a full list of materials purchased.) Then I heard this lace speaking to me… Well not literally, but you know what I mean. When I saw it, I immediately envisioned a wedding veil and knew it needed to be in this project. I then picked up a few more ribbons, foam for attaching the flowers, and the base. I wanted this wreath to be a little different, so I decided on the 18” wooden ball wreath form. You can customize this to a smaller size though if 18” is too large for your space. 

Now that we are done with the shopping, here comes the fun part – creating a beautiful wreath that can be used at weddings, bridal showers, or as home decor. Let’s get to work! 

Materials Purchased  at Hobby Lobby: Floral and Wedding

– Wedding bouquet 

– Eucalyptus leaves 

– Lamb’s ear 

– Pearl stem 

– Lace 

– FloraFoM block 12” 

– 18” Wooden ball wreath form 

– 22-Gauge beading wire 

– Floral wire 

– Twine cord 

– Aleene’s Stiffen Quik fabric spray 

Optional: Green felt 

Tools Needed 

– Sharp scissors

– Utility knife 

– Wire cutters 

– Hot glue gun 

Optional: Surebonder Professional Glue Skillet 


1. Lay the wreath base on a flat surface and grab the FloraFoM block. Set the foam on top of the base to see where you want your flowers arranged (I centered mine on the bottom). Using the utility knife, cut the foam to fit. You will then take the 22-gauge beading wire to wrap the foam to the base to hold it securely in place. After it is secured by the wire, I then will use some hot glue to add another layer of adhesion at the base of the wreath and the foam.

Optional: Hot glue a piece of felt to the back of the foam to make it look nice from behind if the wreath is hung on a glass door. 

2. Deconstruct the pre-arranged wedding bouquet and cut all the stems back on both the flowers and greenery. Using sharp scissors, poke small holes into the foam where you want your flowers to be. Add hot glue to the backs of the flowers before inserting them into the foam. (I used my Surebonder Professional Glue Skillet from Hobby Lobby for this and I highly recommend this tool for any avid crafter!) After securing the flowers, take the greenery and spread it out to see where you want it to go. Be sure to use all of it so there aren’t any empty spaces exposed. Use the hot glue again to help secure them to the foam. 

3. Next, we will add in the eucalyptus and lamb’s ear picked up from the boutonniere section. This creates more volume and fills in any thin or bare spots. I ended up using 9 eucalyptus leaves and 4 lamb’s ears in my wreath, but if you are working on a smaller base then simply scale back how much you will use. Apply hot glue and insert into the foam wherever you want them. 

4. Time for bling! I chose the pearls because I loved how they looked like little pearl branches when pulled apart. Separate a few to place amongst the flowers and greenery for a touch of elegance and secure them with hot glue (the glue skillet again was very helpful for this). 

5. Optional: I wanted to add a removable “veil bow” to this piece using the beautiful bridal lace I found. Cut two pieces that are 2 yards in length and spray them with the fabric stiffening spray and let them dry. Once dried, layer one on top of the other and start shaping into a large bow. Create two loops about 12-14” in size and gather in the middle; secure the middle with wire and then wrap with twine to cover the wire. Hot glue the twine in the back to secure in place. Next, cut two equal lengths of lace for the tails of the bow as long or as short as you want (I kept mine longer to mimic the look of a veil). Using the ends of the wire from the center of the bow in back, attach the tails. Once the bow is assembled, you can then attach it to the wreath with strong floral wire. Slip the floral wire in the back of the bow under the twine and twist the ends together, then insert the twisted ends into the foam base. 

We are all done! It’s time to hang the finished product, a beautiful wreath that can be used in weddings and at home. So head into Hobby Lobby, walk down the aisle, and say “I do!” to a fun and elegant project.

You can watch the full tutorial on my YouTube channel: