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Bold florals, bold greens. That’s what this summer is all about and I have the perfect project for you to capture it all! I had some fun with the design and I think you’re going to love how it turned out. Taking a step away from the traditional wreath shape, I was inspired by the beautiful trellis I saw at Hobby Lobby and knew I needed to use it for my front door. Walking through the florals (something you should always do when you’re there) I then saw the theme of the whole look: a beautiful gerbera daisy bouquet with bright summery colors and lush greenery. Sold! This project came together quickly with a stunning result. I’ll walk you through each step on my YouTube video tutorial, and you can also scroll down below for the supply list and written instructions. 



1.Let’s do a little prep work before we can dive in. Because the base is a trellis, we’re going to attach some floral foam so that we have something to stick all the greenery and florals in. Start by trimming down your foam brick to your desired size; I sliced the brick in half and only needed one half of these bricks for the whole project! Taking one slice of the brick, cut it into two pieces with one side bigger than the other. Attach the bigger piece to the bottom left of the trellis, and the smaller piece to the top right. All we need for this is hot glue and zip ties! (Pro tip: If your zip ties aren’t long enough to fit around the brick and trellis, you can join two together and double the length.)

Step 1: Attach floral foam

2. Okay the first things to add to this foam now are the ferns! I deconstructed three stems and trimmed some of them to be smaller for the top portion of the trellis. Whatever we do on the bottom half will be replicated on the top half, but in a smaller version, so keep that in mind with each step here. So take some of the fern pieces and dip the ends into the hot glue skillet (or apply with a glue gun) and just insert the stem directly in towards the center of the foam. Repeat this for the smaller foam piece at top using smaller sections of ferns.

Step 2: Add ferns

3. Let’s take some cuttings of the nephrolepis bush now and add them around the ferns. These vines don’t have any wire in them so we will help guide them where we want them with the use of floral pins. Dip the ends in glue or apply with a glue gun and insert them into the foam like we did with the ferns, then when you situate them how you want, secure the stem with a floral pin or two to keep it in place. (Pro tip: Dip the floral pins in glue as well for extra security.) Repeat the process for both foam sections. 

Step 3: Add vines

4. Grab the whole water drop spray pick and we’re going to insert it as-is into the bottom foam piece (make sure to put glue on the stem first), then arrange the vines where you want and secure them down with more floral pins. 

Step 4: Add vine pick

5. Now it’s time for florals! Take apart the daisy bouquet and trim the stems shorter how you like, then arrange them on the foam blocks. Nestle them in and around the greenery and have fun with it! Dip the ends in hot glue and simply stick them into the foam, and do the same for the top foam block but remember to scale it down in size and volume.

6. Let’s make an easy bow with wired ribbon. This will be a 10” bow which means the tails and loops will all be 10” long. So first make a 10” tail, then create four 10” loops, and one more 10” tail. Secure the loops together in the middle with a zip tie. 

Step 6: Make a 10″ bow

7. Make another simple bow in the same manner but this time using a measurement of 8” instead of 10”. Make sure to dovetail each ribbon end as short or long as you want! 

Step 7: Make an 8″ bow

8. Attach the smaller bow to the larger bow and by placing a zip tie around both middles and securing tightly. Place the whole bow on the larger foam brick section wherever you want and then secure it to the foam using two floral pins.

Step 8: Combine bows; attach to wreath

9. Lastly we will add in these cute purple clover flowers because I thought the purple was the perfect little pop of color. Add them in by dipping the ends in glue and inserting into the foam brick. Also take this time to look over the whole wreath and see if there are any bare patches or parts that need some more greenery added. 

Step : Add purple flowers

10. Depending on where you are going to put your trellis, you may not need this step. I hung my trellis on my front door so I needed to do this, but the trellis also has little legs on it if you wanted to stand it up somewhere. But if you want to hang it, you can make a simple hanger by tying some jute cord to the top center of the trellis in a loop. Simple as that!

Step 10: Add hanging loop

I hope you guys found some inspiration from this project and are able to make it. If you do, let me know by tagging @julieswreathboutique! I would love to see what you come up with. Thanks to Hobby Lobby for sponsoring this project, I had so much fun and am never disappointed with the supplies. Happy summer! 

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