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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Welcome everyone to another beautiful project sponsored by Hobby Lobby. We are loving all things Fall over here and this new wreath is no exception. I could not wait to get started on this one and I know you will have fun with this too.  A full step-by-step video tutorial is on my YouTube channel HERE.

Hobby Lobby has these fun 3D pumpkin frames that serve as the base for this wreath, an incredibly soft chunky yarn provides the filling for the frame, and then we get to use their beautiful fall foliage as the colorful pop of flair on top! So we are keeping it very simple and straightforward with this project so you will be able to produce as many as you want for your home, work, school, holiday dinners, and more! As always, the supplies can all be found at Hobby Lobby in a variety of colors to fit your own style, and psst– every item is 30-50% off! So grab your gear and let’s get started.


Pumpkin Wreath Form

Super Bulky Yarn, 2 skeins (I chose Ivory)

Velvet Single-Face Ribbon (I chose Caramel)

Brown Maple Leaf Pick

Pampas Grass Pick

Glitter Oak Leaves

Glue Gun


Zip ties or tie wire (optional)


  • Step 1: Lay the wreath base flat on your work surface and unravel quite a bit of the yarn. We will be weaving the yarn through the form so it is helpful to cut off a long length of yarn (several feet or more) and then roll it into a ball so that it can pass through the wires as you weave. Starting from the bottom of the base, you’re going to do a simple basket weave process and work your way up the frame. Attach one end of the yarn to the very bottom of the base by either tying it or using a zip tie or tie wire, your choice! 
  • Step 2: Begin the weaving process by going over one wire, under the next, over the next, and so on. When you reach the side of the base, come back across and make sure to do the opposite of the previous so that a basket weave look is created. (Remember all those paper strips we would weave in elementary school? This is where all those skills come in handy.) If you run out of yarn, simply cut another length and tie the ends together, then continue to weave. Make sure to place the tied ends behind the frame so they stay hidden. Continue this process until you reach the very top edge of the pumpkin, it will take a little while but stick with it! The top edge gets a little tricky because the yarn will want to slip around a little, so a couple of zip ties or tie wire will help keep it in place. After working the yarn all the way up, wrap some yarn along the top wire of the pumpkin just to cover it up and give it a finished look.
  • Step 3: Take the twine (you probably have some leftover if you have done some of my other projects! It’s a great material to have on hand, I use it for so many things and it can be found in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby) and we will wrap it all the way around the stem wire. Starting at the base of the stem, you are going to attach one end of twine and wrap the rest around the entire length of the stem finishing at the other base.
  • Step 4: Optional: Now we will use the ribbon and do another basket weave, but this time it will be along the vertical lines of the frame. Cut the ribbon into six strips to match the six vertical wires of the frame. Starting at the top of one wire, weave the ribbon through the yarn all the way down. The ribbon does not need to pass through every row of yarn, you can do an every-other-row pattern or however you want it to look! Repeat this process for each vertical wire. Using your glue gun, secure each ribbon end to the inside of the pumpkin. (If you don’t want to add the ribbon, skip to the next step!)
  • Step 5: Okay, if you know me, then you know by now that this is my favorite step! Arranging the foliage and making it beautiful. These fall leaves are gorgeous and so well-made, you will love how they look. Arrange your grass and foliage how you like, making sure not to cover up the stem. Place them at the top right or left of the pumpkin, and attach using either zip ties or hot glue. The picks can be inserted into the wreath and zip tied to the back, trimming off the excess, and the leaves can be hot glued directly onto the yarn. Bend the leaf pick and pampas grass down a bit so they aren’t sticking straight up, and add as many oak leaves as you wish! Make it full or keep it simple, it is your preference. And we’re done!

How adorable is this pumpkin? With all the fun color choices between yarns, ribbons, and leaves, the options for this are endless and all the more reason to make more than one! I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and I am so thankful for another amazing collaboration with Hobby Lobby.