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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Iconic American summers are filled with slow beauty, fireflies, children playing, and the invigorating aromas of fresh blooms. It leads to a deep reflection and appreciation for the land in which we live and the freedoms we get to enjoy. Summertime is an especially perfect time to display our patriotic support as it is capped on either end by Memorial Day and Veterans Day! So in honor of all who have served, currently serve, and will serve one day in our armed forces, this wreath is for them. A beautiful tribute to all our country’s finest heroes! This wreath features fabrics that represent our red, white, and blue without using a flag itself. Hobby Lobby has a vast array of inspiring materials for you to set up all kinds of patriotic signs and decorations, and this wreath is just one of many. The draped fabric and full florals come together for a dramatic statement piece that can be used indoors or outdoors all summer (or year!) long. Below are the written supply list and directions, and make sure to head over to my YouTube channel to watch the full step-by-step video tutorial!



1. Whenever I work with a grapevine wreath form, I always begin by giving it what I call a “haircut.” Just take your wire cutters and trim off all the small pieces that are poking out. If you like the look of them, leave it alone!

2. Now we’ll cut both of the fabrics in half lengthwise so that we end up with about 2 ¼ yards in length for each. The fabrics will be draped diagonally and secured at the bottom just below the wreath form. Grab the star fabric first and spread it out facedown, place the wreath form on top towards one end of the fabric, then grab the rest of the fabric and lay it back over the wreath so that it is wrapped in the fabric. You may fold in the edges and gather wherever you want so that it lays the way you want. When you’re happy with the way it looks, you can add a few dabs of hot glue between the fabric and wreath form to help secure the fabric in place. 

Step 2, cut the fabric in half lengthwise

3. Next we will repeat that process with the red and white fabric, placing it just below the blue star fabric and overlapping slightly. When it is situated and gathered the way you like, secure it as well with some hot glue. Then gather all four ends of the fabric just below the wreath form and secure them tightly with a floral wire. Make sure to hide the wire ends behind the fabric.

Steps 2 and 3, drape the fabrics
Step 3, secure the fabric with wire

4. The fabric serves as the focal point of this wreath, but the greenery and florals really make it shine. Let’s start with the greenery, and as I always do, use your wire cutters to deconstruct the greenery stems. Use hot glue on the ends and simply stick them into the wreath on either side of the fabric. Remember my rule of thumb to simply mirror each side! So add greenery to both sides until it looks full and balanced enough. 

Step 4, add the greenery

5. After the greenery, deconstruct your floral bouquets and we’ll add them in the same manner. I really wanted to make it nice and full so I used all the flowers in each bouquet, but you can do a more minimalist look if that speaks more to your style. Like I said before, just make sure you mirror both sides so it stays balanced and you can add however much or little as you like!

Step 5, add the florals

6. Hobby Lobby has so many cute options for adding in bling to this wreath. I went with the red, white, and blue stars but there are many other choices! Take whichever extra detailing you like and simply add it in amongst the greenery and florals using hot glue. It’s that simple!

Step 6, add in some bling!

7. Now we’ll make the zip tie bow, one of my frequent go-to bow styles because it’s so easy but looks nice and full. Take one of your ribbons and make a long tail by pinching the ribbon around the 14” mark. Then make a 10” loop and hold it with the same pinched fingers. Using that same method, make three more 10” loops until you are holding four separate loops in one hand. Secure the middle with a zip tie or pipe cleaner and set it aside.

Steps 7 and 8, make the zip tie bows

8. Taking the second ribbon, we’ll make another zip tie bow but this time measure out four 8” loops so that it is slightly smaller than the first bow. When you have made all four loops, attach it to the bigger bow using floral wire and leave the ends nice and long for attaching to the wreath. 

Step 8, attach the smaller bow to the larger bow

9. Take the finished bow and set it right on the spot where the fabric ends are gathered and secured. No need to feed the bow’s wire ends through the wreath form because we are simply attaching it straight to the fabric. Twist the wire ends securely and leave them hiding behind the fabric. Fluff the bow out, trim the ribbon ends, and you’re done!

Step 9, attach the bow, fluff the loops, trim the tails!

Thanks to Hobby Lobby for supporting this project. I hope you all get a chance to watch and try your hand at a patriotic wreath. Give it as a gift or hang it up at your own home as a sign of appreciation for our country and our military personnel. Have fun and embrace the summer season!