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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let the countdown begin! We are getting ready to call it a wrap for 2023. Was this year a whirlwind or what?? Ready or not, the new year is upon us so it’s the perfect time for a New Year wreath sponsored by Hobby Lobby. This wreath is pretty different from my usual aesthetic so it was a lot of fun getting outside the norms and just having fun! If you’ve watched any of my previous videos then you know I am a big advocate of exploring the entire store for materials. Don’t limit yourself to one area because there is a gold mine to be found in each department! Florals, frames, ribbons, fabrics, holiday, and more! Go up and down all the aisles; it’s what I did for this project too and I’m so glad I did because I found a mesh in the fabric section that I wouldn’t have known existed otherwise! And as an added bonus, I’ll show you how to remove the New Year’s glam and transform it into an everyday wreath that extends well beyond the holidays. So really, this is a two-for-one wreath! Okay let’s get to work now. See below for the supplies used and as always head over to my YouTube channel afterwards to watch the step-by-step video tutorial of how I do it.



Important Note: I will show you how to make two different wreaths out of this base. Because of that we will not glue down any of our accessories. If you ONLY want the New Year’s wreath then feel free to add glue for extra hold! I will show the New Year’s wreath instructions first, then I will tell you how to adjust it to the everyday wreath second.

Option 1: New Year’s Wreath

1.Today we are using a work form wreath frame which is so convenient because of the chenille stems that come attached. Starting with the black mesh, you’re going to create a base for the wreath by creating 8-10” loops and securing to each chenille stem. You can go around the inner circle first and then the outer, or vice versa, or zig zag back and forth between the circles and go around twice (see the video for a visual explanation). There aren’t any rules for this part because we’re mostly just providing a base for the rest of it so it won’t be seen very much. Just go around the wreath twice and that’s it!

Step 1: Add black mesh

2.Now we’ll get to the main body of the wreath with the black and gold mesh. Starting with the inner wreath, go around the circle attaching the mesh to the chenille stems creating 8” loops between each connection point. When you get back to the beginning, continue onto the outer circle doing the same thing.

Step 2: Add black and gold mesh

3.Flip the frame over and add extra pipe cleaners to the middle brackets between the inner and outer circles. Now turn the wreath back over and repeat the loops to fill in the middle but this time stretch them out a bit to 10” lengths; having all these rows adds a lot of volume and dimension!

Step 3: Add the middle row

4.Time for accessories! When it comes to New Year’s celebrations, my mind goes straight to clocks. The big countdown, right?? So I found the cutest clocks at Hobby Lobby and had a hard time deciding. When you get there, you’ll know what I mean. The one I went with is gold and has an oversized pocket watch look to it. Very classy! All I did to attach it was slip some pipe cleaners through the back and then secured it straight to the wreath frame at the 11 o’clock position. (In the video I show you that I ended up also using a bit of jewelry wire to help secure the clock as well.)

Step 4: Attach the clock

5.Let’s make a zip tie bow. This is a very common method I use for bows so this is one that’s worth learning! Very versatile and simple once you get the hang of it. Starting with the polka dot ribbon, measure out a 20” tail and hold that spot in one hand. Then measure 12”, pinch it, and bring it to the same hand holding the tail, creating a loop. Measure another 12” loop and hold it in the same hand again. Continue until you have created six loops, with three on one side and three on the other (like a bow). To finish off, measure another 20” length for the second tail and cut the ribbon. Grab a zip tie and secure it around the middle where your hand is holding it all together.

Step 5: Make the larger bow

6.Grab the gold ribbon next and we’re going to make another zip tie bow, but this time the loops are only 10” and we will only make two per side. Measure a 20” tail, make four 10” loops, cut the second tail. Now grab another zip tie and we’ll attach the gold bow on top of the polka bow with the zip tie. One final piece to this bow is the rhinestone ribbon! We’re only adding tails with this ribbon, not a full bow. Measure out about 40” of the rhinestone ribbon and grab it at the center. Use another zip tie to attach it around the middle of the bow so the tails line up with the other ones. Then take a pipe cleaner and slip it underneath the zip tie at the back of the bow so that we can attach it to the wreath. Cut a short strip of the polka dot (or gold) ribbon to make a cover for the center of the bow where the zip ties are: Fold the long edges toward the middle, then fold the long edge in half to make a narrow ribbon without any edges showing. Wrap that around the center of the bow and tie it in back, and you can twist the pipe cleaner a few times over it to help secure it. Once it’s ready to go, place it about the 4 o’clock position and secure it to the wreath frame with the pipe cleaner.

Step 6a: Make and attach the smaller bow
Step 6b: Cover the center and attach to the wreath

7.Now we’ll add the sparkles! Take the grass and spiral picks and we’ll add them to both the 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock positions. Have fun with this part! Tuck them into the mesh folds and because their stems have wire, you can just wrap them around the frame without needing a zip tie.

Step 7: Add the glitz and glam!

8.Using a pipe cleaner, string two of the gold ornament balls and attach them in and around the picks and clock using the pipe cleaner to attach to the wreath frame. And that’s it! You’re done and you now have a beautiful, glitzy glamorous wreath to ring in the new year.

Step 8: Add the ornaments

Option 2: Everyday Wreath

1.Take off all the New Year’s accessories! The clock, bow, stems, and ornaments. Use them again next year or incorporate them into other projects throughout the year. It’s up to you! So you should only have mesh remaining on this wreath, and all we’re going to add is a bow. Very simple, but the patterns keep it beautiful. 

2.Take the black and gold mesh and cut it to a length of about 20-22”. Then cut a length that is the same size of the wired burlap ribbon and center it on the mesh. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the mesh at both ends. Then cut another length of the mesh about four inches shorter, and again cut a length of burlap ribbon to match and glue it down at both ends the same as before.

Step 2: Add burlap ribbon to mesh

3.Grab the shorter mesh and ribbon and fold the shorter ends towards each other so that they overlap slightly in the middle. Hot glue down one end on top of the other and this will become the bow loops. (Tip: Use a clothespin to pinch the middle of the bow for you to free up both hands.)

Step 3: Create the bow loops

4.Cut a strip of burlap ribbon and fold the long ends toward the middle, overlapping one over the other. Turn it over and wrap it around the center of the bow, tie it in back, secure the ends with a zip tie, and cut off the excess. Then slip a pipe cleaner under the zip tie.

Step 4: Cover the center of the bow

5.Take the longer mesh and ribbon piece and pinch it right in the middle. Lay it on top of the bow and use the pipe cleaner to wrap around the pinched middle section, creating two tails! Turn the bow back over and straighten out the loops and tails, then cut dovetails into the bottoms.

Step 5: Attach the tails

6.Attach the bow to the top center of the wreath using the pipe cleaner, and then you’re all done! A great everyday wreath that is clean and elegant but still makes a statement.

Step 6: Attach the bow

Thanks again to Hobby Lobby for a fun and creative way to end the year! While you’re on my YouTube channel, look through my Hobby Lobby Playlist to see all the other amazing projects they have sponsored. Here’s to another year of crafting! Wishing you all a very happy new year.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.