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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and made some cherished memories (and some delicious food). I sure love autumn and all of its wonderful sights and smells, but now I’m ready to get started on cultivating Christmas joy. One of the many ways we can create a festive environment is by decorating our front doors! It not only adds cheer to your home but also to the neighborhood and any passersby. Traditional Christmas wreaths are elegant and beautiful statement pieces and I have made many over the years. This time however I thought we would launch the season with a fun take on wreaths! Hobby Lobby has an incredible display of candy-themed decor this year and I just knew I needed to use it. There are so many variations you can do for this wreath so I highly encourage you to spend some time walking the aisles to get inspired. I went with a candy cane theme and am just loving the result, but you can also do lollipops, hard candies, baked goods, and more. The method that I used here is a great formula for so many different wreath designs which means that you can simply swap out the colors and decor to fit whatever holiday or season you want! One versatile design that can produce many beautiful variations. So without further ado, let’s get started! You will find the supply list and written instructions below, and then make sure you watch the full tutorial on my YouTube channel to see how to do it.



1.Before we get started on our mesh, take a minute or two to fluff out the wreath branches. This evergreen frame is perfect because the branches will act as pipe cleaners for us and hold our mesh down! Once you’re happy with how the frame looks, set it aside and grab your mesh, cutting board, and woodburning tool (you can find these tools at the back of Hobby Lobby stores!). Cut the mesh into 12” sections, using the entire roll.

Step 1: Prepare the mesh

2. Take the pampas wreath ring and cut the wire holding the circle shape. By using this ring instead of individual pampas, it will save us some steps and also adds a lot of fullness. Lay the opened pampas ring on top of the pine wreath (note that the pampas will not stretch all the way around the pine, and that’s okay!). Attach the pampas frame to the pine frame using either a few zip ties or pipe cleaners.

Step 2: Attach the red pampas

3. Grab both spools of ribbon and cut 8 pieces of each one measuring 9” long, then dovetail all the ends. We are going to create 8 bundles of mesh and ribbon, and each bundle will use 2 pieces of mesh and one piece of each ribbon (4 pieces total). Stay with me on constructing these bundles, let’s break it down into smaller steps and be sure to watch the video tutorial to see what I mean: 

  1. Take one piece of mesh and roll the two long edges towards each other like a scroll, then gather it together in the middle and hold it pinched in your left hand (switch hands if you’re a lefty!).
  2. With your right hand, grab a piece of ribbon and add it to the top of the rolled mesh and pinch it with the mesh in your left hand.
  3. Again with your right hand, take another piece of mesh and roll the long edges towards each other, gather it in the middle, and add it on top of the other mesh and ribbon in your left hand. 
  4. Finally, grab the other piece of ribbon and it to the top of your mesh bundle. Adjust the ribbon edges so that they poke out a bit from under the mesh.

Once the bundle is made, add it to the pine wreath by using the branches as pipe cleaners to hold them in place! Repeat for the remaining seven bundles and space them out evenly around the wreath.

Step 3: Create and attach mesh bundles

4. Remember the gap where the red pampas didn’t quite reach all the way? We’re going to fill that in with candy canes! Grab the trio pick and lay it diagonally across the wreath so that the candy canes end up around the opening in the pampas. All you need to do next is secure them in place to the pine frame using either a zip tie or pipe cleaner.

Step 4: Attach candy canes

5. Take the metal sign and flip it over. Slip a pipe cleaner underneath each hanging bracket so you can use them to attach to the wreath. Place the sign centered on the wreath and push the pipe cleaners through the back, then flip the whole wreath over. Use the pipe cleaners to secure each side to the wooden pine wreath frame.

Step 5: Prepare and attach metal sign

6. Next we’re going to trim the lollipops. Remove the bows that they came with (the red color doesn’t quite match the other reds) and make a new one using the wired red ribbon. First, cut a piece of ribbon about 10” or so and tie it in a single knot around the stem right below the lollipop. Next, make a simple bow with the wired ribbon by gathering two loops into one hand and cutting a tail (we’ll trim it later). Next wrap a red pipe cleaner around the middle and twist to secure it, then attach it to the lollipop stem over the single knot ribbon and wrap the pipe cleaner around the stem to secure. Adjust the loops and tails so they’re straight and even. (Optional: you can use a dab of hot glue on the back to help keep the bow from slipping around.) Repeat this process on each lollipop. Then space the lollipops evenly around the wreath, using the red pipe cleaner ends to secure them to the pine wreath frame.

Step 6: Make bows and add lollipops to wreath

7.Now that everything has been added, take time to fluff everything, straighten bows, and ensure the lights are visible through it all.

Good work for making it through this far! This one had quite a few extra steps, but I know it was worth it. Again, go walk through Hobby Lobby aisles to see what’s there and if anything else inspires you. Their candy items can even be used for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, showers, and more. This was definitely an enjoyable project to make, so be sure to tag me in any pictures you share if you make it as well so I can see! A huge thanks to Hobby Lobby for sponsoring this project and allowing me the chance to explore my own creativity even more. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

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