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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi guys, are you ready for a fun, new project this season? I am so excited to show you this
stunning Thanksgiving piece today because it has a special and unique feature – it doubles as a
centerpiece! How neat is that? Hang it on your door or wall and when you’re ready for your
gorgeous Thanksgiving meal, place it on the table for an incredible and eye-catching
centerpiece. The rustic and natural tones of this wreath bring warmth and beauty to your home
and table this holiday season, and it’s that extra touch of love we all need right now. So once
again, all of these incredible pieces are found at Hobby Lobby and you guys are going to just
love their Fall selection right now. When I came home from shopping it looked like fall exploded on
my workspace, and it was amazing. You can go to my YouTube channel and watch the full tutorial HERE.

Down below is the list of materials, so head to your Hobby Lobby with this list, and let’s get started!

Supply List:

Oval Grapevine Wreath
7- Sunflower Pick
3- Peach Pumpkins
3 Pumpkin Picks
5- Green Pumpkin Picks
7-9 Hydrangea Picks
4-5 Pampas Grass Picks
2- Pampas Grass Pic

1- Fall Leaves
2 Lg. White Pumpkin Picks
Floral Foam

1- Medium Taper

1- Lg. Taper

2- Small Taper

4 Taper Candles

Step 1. I chose an oval shape for this wreath because when it is placed on a table as a
centerpiece, a round shape will just take up too much room. So first what we want to do is
take that oval grapevine form and use your wire cutters to trim off those small pieces that
are poking up everywhere. It’s like a wreath hair cut, right?

Step 2. Next we’ll grab this beautiful greenery from the greenery aisle, and you guys have
probably seen me use this so many times before because it is one of my favorites! So
versatile in so many ways for all seasons. Clip branches off the bush picks until you have
enough to go around. Using either a glue skillet or a glue gun, put some hot glue on the end
of the branch and simply poke it into the frame. Spacing them out slightly, we’ll go around
the whole frame, making sure to have all the branches flowing in the same direction around
the oval.
Step 3. Let’s add our pumpkins! But can I first just say how much I love the color of these?
It’s a soft peachy blush and it’s just so natural and charming and makes me happy. I know
that blush may not agree with your current aesthetic, so Hobby Lobby offers them in a
variety of colors! This is where you can really customize it to your own taste and style.

Now remember how we spaced out our greenery? This is where we need those open spaces. Add
a good amount of hot glue to the bottoms of your pumpkins and place them in those bare
spots, making sure to hold them for a minute or two so the glue can set. Remembering our
rule of 3, we are going to keep these pumpkins to an odd number and space them evenly
around the frame. Then we’ll take our green pick pumpkins and space them between the
pink ones, attaching them into the frame with hot glue as well.
Step 4. Next up are our flowers! You can really tailor this portion to your own liking as well
because Hobby Lobby’s floral selection is truly endless. For my piece I stuck with the
sunflowers and hydrangeas that went with those pale blush pumpkins and the subtle
natural hues are just so gorgeous and comforting for the season. My tip for the flowers is to
place them around the wreath first before gluing so that you can move them around where
you want before attaching them with glue. Do not stress over this part, this is where you can
really let your own style determine the course. Play around with them and find what works
for you! When you are happy with the layout of the flowers, go ahead and start attaching
them one by one with the hot glue and placing them into the grapevine frame.

Step 5. After finishing with the florals, it already looks so beautiful, but why not add more
layers and textures? Hobby Lobby has these gorgeous gold oak leaves that I have used in
other projects as well and they continue to be a favorite of mine. They also have these rustic
pumpkin picks that are more of a pumpkin frame that I think brings out some of that rustic
charm we are going for, so place the frame pumpkins and the gold leaves around the
wreath, tucking it into spaces and adjusting the greenery around them accordingly. I
promise you, the gold element here is going to really make it all shine and tie everything
together beautifully.

Step 6. The wreath could certainly be done at this point, we’ve done a lot of work, but I just
went ahead and filled in some spaces with more greenery just to make sure it was all
balanced and full. Then I took a few pieces of pampas grass picks and tucked them in as
well. I just love all the different textures from the variety of florals and greenery throughout.

Step 7. You don’t want to miss this step! This is where we get to take it from wreath to
centerpiece. So you’re going to lay the wreath flat on your table and place a rectangular
foam block in the middle. This block will serve as the base for our centerpiece fillers to hold
it all in place. I found gorgeous candlestick holders at Hobby Lobby and paired them with
gold candles for my centerpiece and you guys, it is amazing. You can again use your own
preference for this portion, but you are basically filling in the middle of the wreath by placing
pumpkins, greenery, leaves and flowers all over the foam block. You can attach it all to the
block ahead of time and then just pull it out when you are ready to take your wreath off your
door and put it on your table. Instant centerpiece!

Thank you all for working through this with me and I hope you are as happy with it as I am.
Once again a big thank you to Hobby Lobby for sponsoring this project and providing us with an incredible selection of beautiful decor and making this wreath possible. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!