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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy fall! The season has officially begun and pumpkin lovers everywhere are rejoicing. What is it about pumpkins?? They just evoke feelings of warm, cozy nights with scents of pumpkin pie and cinnamon wafting through the air. What’s not to love? To help usher in that atmosphere, I have a brand new project for you, and it’s NOT a wreath! Instead I thought it would be fun to create a tabletop decoration that can be used as a centerpiece for holiday gatherings, entryway décor to welcome in family and guests, patio accessory, bedroom accent, and so much more! The colors can be changed to suit your own aesthetic and you can make it as full or simple as you want. Hobby Lobby continues to deliver an abundance of amazing materials and this new collection does not disappoint. Head to your local store or shop online to gather your own supplies and craft along with me! The full instructions and supply list are written down below, and then you can also watch how it’s done over on my YouTube channel to see the step-by-step tutorial. (Watch the whole video because there is a bonus craft at the end!)



1. We are using two pumpkin forms and attaching them back-to-back to create a full pumpkin! Line up the stems and then secure the frames with 3-4 zip ties to hold it in place (you can remove them later).

Step 1: Attach frames

2. Grab your twine and tie it to the bottom of the pumpkin with a simple knot. Then you will tightly wind the twine around the outside edge of the pumpkin, going up and around (including the stem) and back down to the bottom. Don’t worry about wrapping the whole bottom because it will be hidden anyway. This step takes quite a while! If you run out of twine, just attach another spool by tying a knot and then continue on. As you come upon a zip tie, you can snip it off because the twine will keep the frames secure.

Step 2: Wrap frame with twine

3. After finishing the twine, we will stand the pumpkin on the wood pedestal and attach it with some staples and hot glue. If you do not have a staple gun, that’s okay! Use some extra hot glue and it will be just fine. So all along the points of contact between the pumpkin and pedestal, apply a generous amount of hot glue and about 4 staples, then hold it in place for a couple minutes to allow it to set.

Step 3: Attach to pedestal

4. Grab your floral foam and have some scissors or a knife so that you can trim down the foam. It will be placed inside the frame so that we can add all our greenery to it! Before securing the foam, I have a tip for you: Grab the flameless candle and set it on the center of the foam. Press the candle down and twist back and forth several times. This is going to create an indent for the candle to sit in and will just help it stay in its place. (We cannot glue the candle down because we need to be able to pick it up to turn it on and off!) Now back to the foam: You want to trim the length enough so that it doesn’t hang over the pedestal. Once it’s to the right size, secure it to the pedestal with plenty of hot glue.

Step 4: Add foam

5. Now for the greenery! The eucalyptus leaves will serve as the base so we want to create a nice, full look with them. Trim the stem down a few inches, cover it with hot glue, and then press it into the foam. Make sure to leave the stem long enough though that the branch comes out of the frame a bit. Continue this process for each stem; I did three stems on each side of the foam, but you can do more if you want!

Step 5: Add greenery

6. Next up are the leaves. The process will be the same, cover the stems with glue and insert them into the foam. I trimmed off a few of the leaves so that I could place smaller ones throughout the eucalyptus. I stuck two larger leaf stems on both ends of the foam, and then individual leaves filled in here and there. I also used the smaller eucalyptus stems to fill in spots all around. Once the leaves are all in place, set the candle in its place on the foam – remember, do not glue it down!

Step 6: Add leaves

7. We’ll attach the pumpkins, succulents, and berries next but first we need to prep the pumpkins. I attached a floral pick to the bottom of the pumpkin just to make it easier to secure it into the foam. Cover the blunt end of the pick with hot glue and then insert it into the bottom of the pumpkin. Repeat this process for every pumpkin that you want to use, I personally used eight pumpkins. Once the picks are all attached, you can start adding to the foam! Place hot glue on the end of the picks and stems of the berries and succulents, then insert them into the foam all around the candle. We have worked from the bottom up so that the pumpkins, berries, and succulents end up filling the space on top while the greenery and leaves fill in the bottom and middle.

Step 7: Pumpkins, berries, succulents

8. Look over the whole centerpiece and find any spots where the foam is visible. It’s very easy to stick in a few extra of the small eucalyptus picks to cover those up! When you’re happy with the result, turn on the candle and grab a mug of your favorite fall drink.

Step 8: Fill in bare spots

I hope you all enjoy this project as much as I do. Thanks again to Hobby Lobby for not only sponsoring this project, but for always bringing along the inspiration with their wonderful products! See you all next time, and happy crafting.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.