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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great holiday season and a great kickoff to the new year. If you can believe it, we are already in full swing of Valentine’s preparations. I have been loving all the sweet, Romantic projects that I have made this month because there is always something new to try. I walked up and down the Valentine’s aisle at Hobby Lobby and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I truly wish that I could get one of everything and make something with it! After checking out those aisles though I headed over to the scrapbooking department and found major inspiration there as well. Because of all these great finds I just had to make TWO projects to share with you. One is very elegant and the other very simple and tasteful. Keep them for yourselves or make them a sweet gift to a loved one! I have written the full instructions for you down below, and then make sure you watch the full video tutorial as well to see it all come together.


Elegant Wreath

Valentine’s Wreath


Elegant Wreath

1. These heart shaped boards are so versatile! I’ve used them many times. For this project we are going to cover it in chalk paint and cut the ribbon off the top. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 1: Remove the ribbon and cover with chalk paint

2. Using the pear rhinestones, glue them down with the hot glue in whatever pattern you like. I really feel a Romantic vibe from these so I wanted to have something that looked effortless and cascading. There’s no strict method with this step, just lay them out in a way that speaks to your taste. (Also remember that you can watch my video tutorial to watch how I did this step.)

Step 2: Add pearls

3. When you’re happy with the pearls, grab the paper roses and lay them out alongside the pearls. Again this part is up to your taste preference if you want a lot or just a hint. I chose to put some along the pearls, and then to add a small bunch in the top left corner of the heart (note: I also ended up adding some pearls around the roses in this corner). 

Step 3: Add roses

4. Cut a 12” length of crocheted ribbon and hot glue the two ends on top of each other on the backside of the heart to create a loop from which to hang the project. 

Step 4: Add ribbon hanger

And that’s it! A simple but elegant piece to hang in your home. Remember that you can switch out colors as well to fit them to your style better!

Valentine’s Wreath

1. Grab the grapevine wreath form and a pair of scissors or wire cutters and give this little guy a haircut! I always like to go around and trim off the extra scraggly pieces to give it a cleaner look.

Step 1: Trim off excess pieces

2. Using the Valentine’s garland, wrap it all around the grapevine frame and because it has wire in its center, it’s easy to shape and form it around as you go. Then take a few pipe cleaners, cut them in half, and use them to help secure the garland to the wreath. Poke one end down into the grapevine, then poke the other end into the grapevine while crossing over the garland so that it will hold the garland in place. Twist the ends together to keep it snug. 

Step 2: Add heart garland

3. The smaller hearts and berries wreaths are so cute! I knew I needed to use them. Snip them in half and unroll it a bit because we’re going to do a similar process by wrapping them around the wreath. For these pieces I did add some hot glue to the ends just to ensure they stay tucked in, then use some pipe cleaners again to pin them in place like we did in the previous step. If you love how this wreath looks already, feel free to stop at this point!

Step 3: Add hearts & berries wreaths

4. To finish off this wreath I wanted to give it a sort of centerpiece focal point. So separate out three hearts from the wooden heart garland and string them onto a piece of white twine. Lay it across the wreath where you want it and feed the ends of the twine all the way down through the grapevine and out the back. Then flip the wreath over and tie the twine ends to the grapevine to secure it. (Note: I ended up adding a dab of hot glue to the knots just as an extra measure of security.)

Step 4: Add heart centerpiece

There you have it! Two adorable Valentine’s projects to usher love into the air. Honestly I have never seen so many wonderful and inspiring pieces in a Valentine’s collection as I saw at Hobby Lobby, so make sure you get yourself down to your local store or shop online! There really is something for everyone and I hope one of the projects brought you inspiration as well. Thanks again Hobby Lobby for a great time, as always.  

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