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Let’s give three cheers for welcoming spring this week! The days are starting to lengthen again, new buds are beginning to awaken, the birds have added a noticeable pep to their chirps. Spring is upon us! Along with welcoming spring we are also in fullswing Easter prep over here which means of course that I just had to make a beautiful, new Easter wreath. Thanks to Hobby Lobby, I had no trouble at all finding inspiration and ended up with two looks using one wreath. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, and I will show you how to do that with this project. You will notice I used a premade boxwood wreath which means Hobby Lobby did half the work for you. How’s that for smarter?? As usual I have written the step-by-step guide down below for you as well as links for the products I used, and then be sure to watch the full video tutorial to see how I do it.



1.Okay, as mentioned above, this wreath is pretty simple because we’re starting with a wreath form that already has the greenery attached. If you flip it over you’ll notice that it’s just a grapevine wreath like we’ve used before. First thing we’ll add is the pastel berry garland. This will be very straightforward: we’re just going to lay it in the center of the greenery and wrap it around the whole circle. Nestle the garland into the middle of the boxwood branches, then use the floral wire to secure it to the wreath frame (you can also use zip ties or pipe cleaners, but the wire was easy and discreet). Make sure you twist the ends of the wire and then tuck them back up into the wreath to conceal them.

Step 1: Add pastel berry garland

2.Next we will repeat the process with the floral garland, but the difference with this one is that you want to ensure the flower stems are pointing out in the same direction as the boxwood branches as you lay it around the wreath. Again you want to nestle it into the greenery a bit so it’s not just sitting on top, then use the floral wire to attach it to the form. Twist the wire ends to secure, then tuck them back up into the wreath. Flip the wreath over and fluff out the greenery and stems to give dimension and movement.

Step 2: Secure floral garland with wire

3.Before we move on let’s stop and cover up those wire twists in back! To protect your door, you want to make sure you put something over the wire to prevent scratches. I like to keep felt on hand for these situations. Cut a square that’s just big enough to cover the wire and hot glue it onto the grapevine form over the wire. Repeat this process for every wire twist on the back of the wreath.

Step 3: Cover wire with felt

4.Now let’s get our centerpiece sign ready by first removing the beaded garland from the top (be sure to save those beads! You know we’ll find another use for them). We’re going to attach the sign using more of the floral wire and there are two approaches you can use for getting the wire onto the sign. The first method is to simply drill a hole on each side, then slip wire through the hole. The second method is to use a staple gun and staple the wire to the back of the sides. Whichever method you choose is up to you! Once you have your wire secured to the sign, then we’ll center it on the wreath. Take a look at the back of the wreath first because you’ll notice there is a loop hanger already on the grapevine form; use this to orient the wreath so that the loop is at the top before you center your sign. Once the sign is where you want, then feed the wires through the wreath and twist in back to secure, making sure to tuck those wire ends in again! Be sure to take a minute now to cover up the wire twists with more felt.

Choose a method to attach wires to sign. This is the drilled hole method.
This is the staple gun method.
Step 4a: Attach the sign to the wreath

5.You know I can’t make a wreath and not make a bow… This bow is short but sweet, simple but effective. So unroll some ribbon and let’s get started! First measure 10” to make the first tail and pinch the ribbon with one hand at the 10” mark. Then measure another 10” length and bring it back to your hand to pinch along with the other section to create your first loop. Repeat this three more times to create a total of four loops, each time adding it to the same hand pinching the ribbon. Measure out another 10” length and cut the ribbon to make the second tail. Take the zip tie and wrap it around the center of the bow where all the loops meet and secure it tight.

Step 5: Make the 1st bow

6.Set the first bow aside and now we’ll make a second, smaller bow to add on top of the bigger bow. Stacking two separate bows adds a lot of depth and visual interest!. This bow will also feature 10” tails, but the loops will be 8” and we are only making two. So, measure a 10” length, pinch and hold in one hand. Stretch out 8” and create loop #1 by pinching it in the same hand, then another 8” length and bring it back to the same hand to pinch, then 10” again and cut. Lay this bow on top of the bigger bow and secure them to each other using a floral wire. Now cut a 12” piece of ribbon so that we can wrap it around the center of the bow to disguise the wire and zip tie. Lay the ribbon flat with the right side down, then grab the long edges and fold them towards the middle in thirds so that the edges are hidden. Wrap the folded ribbon around the center of the bow and flip it over so that you can then use the wire ends to twist around the ribbon ends and keep them secure. Trim off the excess ribbon, then flip it back over and dovetail all four bow tails.

Step 6: Stack smaller bow on top of bigger bow
Step 6b: Cover the center of the bow with ribbon

7.Let’s attach the bow to the wreath now using the wire ends we used to stack the bows together. In the same manner as we’ve done before, feed the wire through the wreath form all the way to the back and simply twist the ends to lock it in place. (Remember to cover this wire with a piece of felt too!)

Step 7: Attach bow to wreath

8.Grab those beautiful speckled eggs and cut off the ribbon from each one. Then cut a length of wire about 6” long or so. Put a dab of hot glue in the opening of the hole on the egg, then insert one end of the wire into the egg. We’re essentially making our own egg “picks” this way! Once all the eggs are prepped, then you’re going to just place a dab of hot glue on the end and poke it into the wreath. Easy peasy. Use as many or as few eggs as you like here, it’s up to your preference and style.

Step 8: Turn eggs into picks and add to wreath

Now, we are done with our Easter wreath! I chose to keep everything pretty removable so that we can then take this same wreath and carry it all through spring, summer, and even fall by swapping out the sign, the bow, and the eggs. Even though we added a dab of hot glue to the egg picks, they will still come out pretty easily. So here are the continuing directions for taking this from Easter to spring:

1.Remove the sign and the eggs (you will need to peel off the felt covering the wires in back). Make sure you are untwisting the correct wires!

2.Use one of the methods I showed you for attaching wires to the wooden sign (staple or drill holes) and prep the spring sign. Then attach the sign to the center of the wreath (remember to keep the hanging loop at the top), and cover the wire in back with a new piece of felt.

Take it from Easter to spring by swapping signs!

That’s it! Two new wreaths for almost the price of one.

Thanks so much to Hobby Lobby for always providing beautiful inspiration at really affordable prices. Keep it coming! Happy spring and Easter to all of you, and happy crafting!

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