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DIY Valentine Crafts with Hobby Lobby & Julie’s Wreath Boutique

by | Jan 29, 2023 | hobby lobby

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well here we are in the heart of winter, and if you are like me, you could use a little pick-me-up right now. Am I right? The time between Christmas and spring is cold and dreary so we lean into comforts that brighten up our homes and our moods. Valentine’s Day fits the bill perfectly as we celebrate those we love and take time to showcase it in fun and meaningful ways. So with that said, today’s projects are sure to put a pep in your step with their fun colors and sweet decorations! We will make three different projects that are sure to appease everyone of every age: a wreath, wall hanger, and ornament. Hobby Lobby of course has everything we need (and more!) to warm the winter blues with their Valentine’s Day stock, and it is all currently 40% off. Below are the full supply lists and directions for each project, and remember to head over to my YouTube channel to watch the full video tutorial!

Supply Lists:

Beaded Wreath

Wall Hanger

Valentine Craft


Beaded Wreath

Get all your supplies out on the table and have your zip ties, wire, or pipe cleaners handy!

Step 1. First we’re going to trim the jute cord off the heart ornament – save it for yourself to use on a later project– then we’ll paint it on one side and set it aside to dry for a few minutes.

Step One – Paint

Step 2. Set the beaded heart wreath on your table and lay the ornament on top of it however you’d like it placed. I set mine slightly tilted off to the side, just to ensure there are a few points of contact on the beaded wreath on which to apply hot glue. Once you have it where you like, apply hot glue in a few places and hold it in place til set.

Step Two – Glue

Step 3. Next we’re going to deconstruct the bouquet, pick out the pieces we want to use, and trim the long stems. We’ll attach all the greenery and florals one layer at a time using either zip ties, jewelry wire, or pipe cleaners so you want to have those nearby for easy access. The first layer will be the leaves or greenery of your choice, and I placed mine along the side of the beaded heart that is opposite the painted ornament we just attached. Lay half of the greenery going up the side, and the other half going down the side in the opposite direction. When you have it arranged how you like, grab one of your ties and secure the leaves around the middle. Continue adding layers in the same fashion of greenery until you like the look and how full it is. 

Step Three – Attach greenery

Step 4. When you’re happy with the look, grab the flowers and repeat the layering process. Place the flowers among the leaves and secure the stems with a tie in the middle. After the flowers are added, now there is a sturdy enough base that you can grab some floral accents from the bouquet and place them among the greenery with just hot glue. 

Step Four – Attach flowers

Step 5. Because all the greenery and florals are only secured with a tie, note that they might spin around towards the back when you lift the whole wreath up. So to keep them locked in place, I took 16 gauge jewelry wire and ran it through the back of the painted ornament and wove around the flowers and beaded frame, then twisted the wire ends together. (See my video tutorial for what this looks like.)

Step Five – Secure with wire

Step 6. Time for the bow! This is a very simple zip tie bow that you have seen me do before. I promise it is easier than it sounds. Basically we are creating a tail, two loops, and a second tail, then securing the middle with a zip tie. So first get another zip tie ready along with a 6” piece of wire. Take the ribbon and measure the first tail about 10” and pinch with your fingers; then measure 6” and create a loop by adding it to your pinch. Repeat another 6” length and pinch it to form the second loop, then finish by measuring 10” and cut to create the second tail. While still pinching the bow in the middle, secure it all with a zip tie. (Again, my video shows this all step-by-step!) Now cut a separate 6” piece and fold it over repeatedly until it is about ½” or so wide. Wrap it around the middle of the bow to cover the zip tie and secure it in the back with a double knot. Then take the wire and slide it through the back of the bow middle and twist a few times.

Step 7. Attach the bow to the beaded frame wherever you like (I put mine at the top center) using the wire at the back of the bow. Trim the tails a few inches, and ta-da! It’s finished and ready to hang.


Wall Hanger

Step 1. We’re going to paint the heart plaque first in the paint of your choice and let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 2. This step will take some time, but don’t despair, I promise the end result is worth your effort. We’re going to string the wooden beads onto the jewelry wire, then hot glue the wire all the way around the edge of the plaque. Watch the video tutorial to see how I do it, but it’s not complicated! Just be patient and allow the hot glue to set little by little. So estimate the perimeter of the plaque for the length of wire you need and string on the beads in whichever pattern you’d like. I started gluing at the very top center of the heart and it was an easy spot to end at as well.

Step Two – String the beads
Step Two – Glue the beads

Step 3. Now take the floral heart and apply hot glue to the back liberally, and then even a little onto the plaque in the center where the heart will be placed. Quickly set the floral heart centered on the plaque and hold in place to let the glue set. And that’s all! You can add a bow if you’d like, but I loved it how it was. There is also a hanger on the back already!

Step Three – Glue floral heart

Valentine Craft

Step 1. Take a felt heart (red, pink, or white) and lay it on the table to be the base. Then grab a mini beaded heart wreath and apply hot glue all around the back of it. Center the beaded wreath onto the felt heart and allow the glue to set. 

Step One – Glue beaded heart

Step 2. There are many ways to embellish this! I chose the letter tiles and picked the phrase “Be Mine” to add to the center of the heart. Whichever you choose, you’re going to simply hot glue each tile onto the heart. That’s it, two simple steps! And because most of these supplies are multipacks, you can make several variations and pass them out to family and friends.


I hope these projects bring a smile to your face and warmth to your hearts. Make sure to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and perhaps one of these projects can help demonstrate it. Thanks so much to Hobby Lobby for the wonderful inspiration, selection, and prices. They make it easy and affordable to celebrate all things big and small, so let’s get crafting!


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