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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi everyone! I have another exciting project from Hobby Lobby to share with you all. Christmas is in full-swing at the Oxendine house and let me tell you, this project was pure delight. If you’re not ready to dive into the Christmas season yet, you will be after watching this video! Okay so what we are making today is not one wreath, or two wreaths, but FIVE wreaths. Miniature wreaths! They are so adorable and beautiful and perfect for ornaments, gifts, décor, and whatever else you can think of. Miniature wreath ornaments might be my new favorite things. All the supplies for these wreaths are found at Hobby Lobby, and not only have they supplied us with an endless variety to choose from, but they’re also on sale because Hobby Lobby understands us completely. I made five different ornaments for this project and the directions for each are listed below; you can also watch the full step-by-step tutorial on my YouTube channel HERE. Remember that you can swap out so many of these decorations to really make it your own, so grab the list of supplies below and go shopping because you do not want to miss out on this fun!

Supply List:

Red Berry Ornament

Frosted Red Ball Filler 

Vine Wreaths – 3″ 


Wooden Beaded Ornament

Beaded Wreath Ornaments 

Boxwood & Berries Candle Ring 

Green & Red Plaid Poinsettia Embellishments

Gold Acrylic Paint

Black and White Beaded Ornament

Black Wood Bead Garland 

White Wood Bead Garland 

20 Gauge Wire

Santa Ribbon

Greenery Wreath Ornament

Vine Wreaths – 6″ 

Boxwood & Berries Candle Ring 

White & Black Text Mini Ball Ornaments

Red & White Fuzzy Striped Ribbon – 3/8″

Winter Wonderland

Vine Wreaths – 6″ 

Curly Snow 

Green & Blush Mini Bottle Brush Trees

Santa Sno Blower


Red Berry Ornament

Step 1. The base for this ornament uses the 3” grapevine wreath. How adorable! Before beginning, give the wreath a little haircut by trimming off any stray pieces sticking out. Then take the frosted red ball filler and use your glue gun to simply attach each ball to the base. You can apply the glue to the base or the ball itself, either way works! I found that I needed to hold the ball in place for a minute to let the glue set, so take it one section at a time and work your way around the whole wreath until it is about 95% filled in. Leave a small space open at the top for the next step. 

Step 2. Take your twine (you all are very familiar with this twine by now!) and use that to tie a loop for our ornament to hang. I tied it in the open space so that I could then use the balls to cover the twine and only the loop sticks out. Tie a simple slip knot, then cover the remaining wreath base with the ball filler. 

Step 3. Make a bow with the twine! It’s a simple, rustic bow that adds an extra note of cozy to this ornament. Hold one hand with your fingers together and wrap the twine around all four fingers four times, making sure to leave one end long enough for a tail. After wrapping, cut the twine to leave a second tail the same length as the first. Then pinch the loops in the middle and slide off your fingers, forming the two bow loops. That’s it! To tie it together, simply cut another small length of twine to wrap around the middle and tie a double knot. Attach the bow to the base of the ornament loop using the tails of the bow to double knot it. Trim off all excess twine pieces, and you’re done!

Wooden Beaded Ornament

Step 1. Grab the beaded wreath form for this ornament, and what I did first was lightly paint it gold with a sponge brush. This is an optional step, I just loved how it gave a little more rustic feel. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 2. Use the twine to tie a loop for the ornament to hang on just like the previous wreath. Clip off a few sprigs from the boxwood and berries candle ring and attach them to the center top of the wreath where the loop is tied. Make it as full or simple as you like, but have a few sticking out from both sides of the loop. 

Step 3. Grab a poinsettia bow sticker and attach it with hot glue to the center of the greenery you just made. And that’s it!

Black and White Beaded Ornament

Step 1. For this wreath you will make the form yourself using the 20 gauge wire and large wooden black beads. Estimate the size you’d like the wreath to be using the wire and cut it to size, making sure to leave excess on the ends for tying. (I find it helpful to make a small loop on one end to ensure the beads don’t fall off as I string them.) String the beads onto the wire and when you are happy with the size, tie off the ends by twisting the wires around themselves. Do not trim off the excess yet!

Step 2. Repeat step one now with the white wooden beads, and make the ring a little smaller than the black so that it’ll fit inside the black ring. When the white one is done, set it inside the black ring and twist all four wire ends together to secure them tightly to each other. Use the twine again to create a loop! (I recycled the twine that the beads came on for this step, which is a thrifty bonus.)

Step 3. Grab that cute, wired Santa ribbon (seriously though– how perfect is it?) and make a simple bow: create a loop with one tail, then fold the other end into a second loop and keep them pinched between your fingers. Cut a piece of twine again and wrap it around the middle of the bow to secure it, then double knot the ends in back. There are two ways you can attach this bow to the wreath: you can leave the twine tails long and use them to tie the bow to the wreath (like I did); or you can trim the twine tails and hot glue the bow on. You pick! Either way, make sure to trim off any long pieces you don’t need, and you’re all set for this wreath.

Greenery Wreath Ornament

Step 1. Grab the 6” grapevine wreath base and give it a little haircut, then get the rest of that boxwood candle ring from earlier. Just like in bigger versions of wreaths we’ve done before, we’re going to snip off sprigs of greenery and attach them to the base using hot glue. Work your way around the wreath making sure that all your branches are going in the same direction. Make it as full or thin as you want! 

Step 2. Pick out some of the adorable mini ornaments and we’re going to nestle them in among the greenery using hot glue. I like to stick to my rule of odd numbers, so I selected five ornaments, but you can add as many or as few as you like. Then cut a piece of twine to tie a loop at the top like our other ornaments. 

Step 3. Using the red and white ribbon, create a bow with several loops by folding back and forth and pinching the middle with your fingers. When you’re happy with the number of loops, use the twine again to fasten the middle of the bow. You may need to shape the loops around a bit until you’re happy with how it looks; since this ribbon doesn’t have any wire it takes a few tweaks to get it to sit just right. To attach it to the wreath, I found it easiest to use some of the 20 gauge wire from before. Feed one end of the wire through the twine in the back of the bow, then find a spot on the wreath that you can slip the wires through and twist to secure. All done!

Winter Wonderland Ornament

Note: This will need time to dry between steps one and two!

Step 1. Grab another 6” grapevine base, then grab your can of spray snow. Cover the entire base with the snow, then set it aside to dry.

Step 2. Once it’s dry, get the miniature bottle brush trees and you’re going to glue them to the inside of the bottom of the wreath so that they stand up in the wreath opening. You can put however many you want, group them together, spread them out, it’s up to your taste! Eyeball where you’d like them and then glue them down one at a time. 

Step 3. Now we get to play with snow! Well, fake snow that is. Take the curly snow and separate out a small chunk and work it a little to get it as fluffy as you want. The snow is going to be glued down around the bottom of the wreath and trees so put the glue directly onto the wreath base and then push the snow onto the glue. I wanted to create a look of piled, fluffy snow but you can make it look however you think looks good. 

Step 4. Cut a piece of twine again and attach it to the top of the wreath by running one of the ends through a branch on the backside. Tie a double knot, trim the ends, and you are finished!

Now that you have created the five most beautiful and unique handmade ornaments, pour a cup of cocoa, pile on the marshmallows, and sit back and enjoy your creations. How special would it be to receive one of these gorgeous handmade ornaments this Christmas?? A very big thank you to Hobby Lobby for supplying us with endless possibilities, I cannot wait to make more of these and I hope you are all inspired to get crafting as well.