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Do you struggle with how to make a bow by hand? Do you want to throw the ribbon in the trash and give up? I can help, I will show you how to take ribbon and make a beautiful bow. Angles make all the difference when learning how to make anything and I like to show you how as if you were sitting in my chair and making a bow by yourself. In the video below I will demonstrate 5 easy bows, 4 of them by hand and one by using my favorite bow maker Pro Bow The Hand. I take 3 ribbons to make one bow with The Pro Bow which makes a beautiful and incredibly easy bow to make.

So whether you want a simple bow or improve your bow skills make sure to click on that video above to learn the easy way with me! But wait there’s more! This isn’t the only bow making video I have on YouTube. My friend needed a bow for a greenery wreath she had purchased at a local store, so I took the time to make a video giving her two options. I love the ribbon I used and you can get similar ribbon here at The Wreath Shop or Trendy Tree. Bows are a great option to make something you purchased look even better than what was originally intended, it’s okay to be a little “extra”.