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The word just evokes hope, potential, and dreams. Every story has a beginning and I want to share mine in the hopes that I can encourage some of you to be bold and take the first step in your own crafting journey!

I certainly did not set out as an expert wreath-maker, and looking back at my first products leaves me cringing and shaking my head. But we live and learn! No one starts as an expert; we all learn from trial-and-error, sometimes absolute failure, and plenty of “What was I thinking?” groans. The point is: we ALL start at the same place.

One of the most frequent comments I receive about my wreaths are, “I know mine won’t look as beautiful as yours.” Girl, listen– I had a whole cache of hot messes in the beginning of my wreath-making journey. Just look at this Poinsettia I first made back in December of 2015:

Oh boy. First of all, those petals. They don’t even look like they know what direction they want to go! Not to mention I did them entirely the wrong way, the mesh leaves were way overboard, and the size… the wreath was basically bigger than the door. But you know what? Someone bought it and they loved it, to my horror now. The point is that there is beauty in the work you do, and you will find that customer who thinks your work is absolutely fabulous!

Now, let’s talk about the very first wreath I ever sold. That feeling was everything to me! I was a stay-at-home mom to two littles and I was so happy that someone wanted to pay me $38 for something I made. It started because of a social media post I saw where someone shared a picture of a wreath they found and wondered if someone could replicate it. I thought, “I can do that!” When I look at the wreath now, I groan and shake my head because all I see are the imperfections, the mis-shapened loops, and my lop-sided, sad bow.

Then there was the Sunflower. The wreath that literally jump-started my business. I only see a poorly lit, badly frayed wreath, but in 2016 it was considered “shabby chic”, “rustic”, and “vintage.” Despite what I consider obvious flaws, it went from Grillo Designs all the way to Good Housekeeping’s online site. My very first Sunflower!

(When I first started, it never occurred to me to put my name on my photos to protect them like I do now, but that’s how we learn right?)

From the spring of 2016 until Christmas that year, I probably made 500 of the Sunflower wreath, if not more. So why share with you my “hot messes”? To prove that we all start somewhere. Now fast-forward to the spring of 2020 and I have a YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/julieswreathboutique, where I can share my ideas, tutorials, and new(improved) creations!

So later in 2016, I wanted to try something new and created a Christmas tree wreath, and from there that one idea has expanded into Angel Wings, Wreaths, Flowers, and more. I took a chance, thought outside of that crafting box, and went for it. In doing so, I’m able help support my family financially, and it all started with just playing around with some poly burlap.

Now I am passionate about encouraging other stay-at-home mommas, grandmas, retirees, women looking for more than that 9-5, or anyone who wants the joy that comes from creating something of their own. I have so many tips to share with beginners looking to turn their ideas into something more! Never in a million years did I picture myself making wreaths and sending them all over the country, let alone all over the world. I have learned so much along the way and I am eager to let you all learn from my mistakes and see where your journey might lead. In my upcoming posts I will be sharing more about my tips and ideas to help you be successful in your own craft or business ideas.

Life is a lesson and so is creating that perfect wreath, craft, or flower arrangement, or painting that piece of trash you dug out so you can transform it into something fabulous for your home. So let’s get started! Don’t be afraid. Maybe that first wreath you make isn’t a masterpiece but you made it, you put your imagination, your time, and your talent into making it. Remember, we all begin in the same place behind that starting line, and how you finish the race is up to you. You won’t know until you start!