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Hi! I’m Julie…

I am a wife, mother, and a professional crafter. As early as I can recall, I have always loved making pretty things. From start to finish I truly enjoy the challenge of designing, creating, constructing, and finishing each and every piece. Seeing the final result match my original vision is both thrilling and satisfying! 

My husband of 29 years has always referred to my crafts as my “Foo-Foo.” Well, in October of 2015 this Stay-at-Home Mom decided to make Foo-Foo that sells! I wanted to make a meaningful impact on my family’s financial situation so I jumped in with both feet, determined to succeed. What started as a single flower wreath has now grown into a full time business! 

My work can now be seen all across social media, YouTube, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Country Sampler magazine, Good Housekeeping, Grillo Designs, and Hometalk. Julie’s Wreath Boutique has also grown beyond selling flower wreaths into a great passion of mine: teaching and coaching! With over 1.1 million total followers, I am thrilled to be sharing both my love for crafting and helping others start and grow their own businesses. I love teaching others how to create their own decor, but I equally love encouraging them in pursuing their own businesses. 

Come join me on social media and my YouTube channel to get inspired and learn how to turn your own business dream into reality. Let’s make something together!

create, inspire, & encourage…