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Hi! I’m Julie…

I’m a wife, mother, and what I like to call myself… a professional “Crafter”. As early as I can remember, I have always loved making pretty things. I also love the challenging process of designing, creating, and constructing a final piece, which is exactly what I had envisioned. My husband, of almost 28 years, has always called it my “Foo-Foo! “

Well, in October of 2015, this Stay-at-Home Mom, (of two little late-in-life blessings, Madelyn and Crosby), decided to change my family’s future AND make “Foo-Foo” that sells!

I started with a Flower Wreath design four years ago. Now my work has been showcased on sites like,, and; and featured in “Country Sampler’s 2016 Christmas Edition.”

create, inspire, & encourage…

Julie’s Wreath Boutique’s main focus is creating stunning Flower Wreaths. Being one of the first designers who started the Flower wreath craze, I truly love the wreath-making. The Sunflower, Apple Blossom, and the Marigold are just a few of my creations including my Christmas Tree Design.

However, did you know I also enjoy DIY projects, furniture restoration, interior design projects, and so much more! I love creating on the fly, freestyling, improvising, and then the magic at the end!

Join me, my 220,000+ followers on Facebook, and my growing YouTube Community, where I share my creations,inspire and encourage, have fun, and show you anything is possible. Always believe in yourself and your “Foo Foo”, as I did